When it comes to refinancing your home or investment loan, it’s important to consider it is right step for now and future. At 360 Expert Mortgage we can tailor a loan that suit your situation whether you want to pay your loan faster, have flexibility, pay your debt or keep your repayment low. By simply refinancing may have the potential to save significant amount of $$. Your 360 EMS brokers can run your free home loan health check on your current loan and advice whether this is right time or not depending on your current situation. If this is right time to move forward, we will do all we can make it as easy as possible.

– Why refinance

Refinancing your current loan could be good idea if:

  • You want more loan features or flexibility
  • You are looking for a competitive interest rate
  • You want to access the equity in you home for investment
  • Your existing loan doesn’t suit you, or your circumstances have changed
  • You are planning to renovate or upgrade

– How to switch

  • Find out the costs of switching – Ask your current loan provider whether they will charge you for ending your loan with them.
  • Discuss your Options with 360EMS – Make an obligation free appointment to discuss with what you can be benefit by refinancing. We can visit at your prefer place and your own time or you can visit us.
  • Apply for Loan – Once we figure out this is right move for you then we process your loan application. Once your loan approved your current lender will happy to deal with your loan provider.